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Adventures in Podcasting

Apologies for the lack of posts here lately, Channel: Superhero has been taking up a lot of my free time (and the Sims has taken up a lot of our family computer’s time but that’s another story), but I have been making the rounds on a few other podcasts lately and I wanted the chance to highlight them so you can go check them out, especially since several of them allowed me to talk about things other than superhero movies. I will have another Graphic Horror post in the near future on Dr. Giggles so keep an eye out for that.
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Visiting War Machine vs. War Horse & Mark Millar Adaptations

Things have been a little bit slower than usual around here, mostly due to my work at Channel: Superhero, but I’m still watching quite a few movies and I luckily got the chance to appear on a great podcast called War Machine vs. War Horse which covers a new release and also takes a look at two older films that share some common theme from the new movie and they decide which one of the two older films handles that theme better. For my appearance, we discussed three different Mark Millar comic book adaptations: the new release Kingsman: The Secret Service, and the two earlier films Kick-Ass and Wanted. We also get sidetracked discussing the Roger Corman Bond films, yes I said Corman. It was a lot of fun, both revisiting the movies as well as discussing them. Make sure you give it a listen by clicking right here! or on their logo below.
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