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BlokeBusting the Essentials #98: Batman & Robin

Batman and Robin

#98: Batman & Robin


The Dark, Dark, Dark Night Before The Dawn

Ok. This film has quite a few things that we can talk about, right off the bat (no pun intended). I’ll try to keep from jumping around too much, since I’m sure you already know what I’ll be bringing up. So this review will be a little different. I’m going to try and review it as if the last 20 years haven’t happened. This film is VERY much a product of its time and I think it needs to be viewed as such. So without further ado, here’s my take on this piece of Batman history.

First Impressions

This film was not one that I really cared about seeing at the time. I don’t recall if I’d seen the first instalment beforehand, though I’m fairly confident that I’d seen Batman Returns & Batman Forever. However, given that I was just under 10 years old when this one came out, I was clearly their prime audience. Well, that’s not true. I still don’t know who their audience was supposed to be, though I have a hunch that if I’d been about 6 years older I’d have been more interested in certain parts of the film. I remember not hating this film when I first saw it. I wasn’t really invested in the characters, I kinda enjoyed Arnie as Dr Freeze (mostly because he was a one-trick character that slotted into the film setting perfectly) and I didn’t mind Clooney as Wayne. But now that I’m older, a little wiser and way more invested in film, I have a few things that REALLY bothered me.

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BlokeBusting The Essentials #49: The Amazing Spider-Man

Your deep dive into the top 100 Superhero films of all time!

#49: The Amazing Spider-Man


We’re Sorry For Emo Peter…

Well, we’re back once more to talk about a film from Bubbawheat’s list. This time we’re focusing on the reboot of Spider-Man featuring Mr Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans. There’s a few things that I will need to bring up here, so I think it’s best if we speed right along!

First Impressions

This film was one that I wasn’t excited about the first time I saw it. Despite the issues most people had with Spider-Man 3, I had no real problems with it other than agreeing that there were too many villains and that Venom was poorly used, so I could have left the Spider-Man films alone and been fine until Tom Holland arrived. However, this film was made and I did end up watching it. And I shall air my issue with how Spider-Man has been portrayed now, since otherwise it’ll simply be an Elephant in the blog.

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BlokeBusting The Essentials #50: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Your deep dive into the top 100 Superhero films of all time!

#50: Batman Vs Superman


What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate…

We’re back! And I bet many of you are wondering how we went right from #100 to #50. Well, there’s a perfectly good explanation. This list’s only 3 films long! Ok, not really. Really we wanted to give you guys a taste of the whole list without you needing to wait until mid-year before hitting any of the films that you’re waiting to hear about. Essentially, moving forward, we will be going back and forth in the list. Our next (re)review will be #99, then #49, and so on. So don’t you worry, we’ve got this!

First Impressions

Right. This film was covered by myself and my podcasting partner on my podcast when it originally came out. At the time, we did not care for it. The plot holes were many, the acting felt “meh” (with a couple of glaring exceptions) and we left the cinema feeling very let down. For this list, we’re reviewing the Ultimate Edition (the 3 hour Director’s Cut), so I sat down to watch it once more. Did it change my mind? Well…

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BlokeBusting The Essentials #100: The Wild Wild World Of Batwoman

Your deep dive into the top 100 Superhero films of all time!

#100: The Wild Wild World Of Batwoman
Don’t Be A Menace To South Gotham While Taking Your Pills On The Beach

So, here we are. We’re starting our (re)reviews of every film on the 100 Essential Superhero Movies – Ranked (up to 2017) with number 100. And that is The Wild Wild World Of Batwoman, otherwise billed as She Was A Hippy Vampire. There are a few things wrong with all that, but we’ll get to them. Firstly, let’s cover my overall impression of the “film”:

This film is weird. Really weird. I’ve seen many strange films in my life, especially given that part of my Film Studies degree involved watching French Avant-Garde cinema, yet this is probably in my top 3. I knew nothing about the making of the film before watching it (or even that it existed before agreeing to review it), and even after reading up on it I am still no closer to understanding it. It seemed to be about Batwoman, though the character in question is both NOTHING like the Batwoman from the comics and surprisingly absent from large parts of the film. In fact, if I had to pick a leading lady from the film, it would be the “Batgirl” who gets kidnapped and put in a cage. She’s in a large number of scenes (though usually dancing around silently) AND she does more to influence the ending than Batwoman. And speaking of the plot….

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Introducing: BlokeBusting the Essentials with Paul

Bubbawheat here and I’m happy to introduce a new addition to Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights. A few weeks ago, I put out a call on Twitter for someone interested in joining the site to help give me some extra motivation to reinvigorate this site. And to my pleasant surprise, Paul answered the call. I knew him best from his podcast BlokeBusters, and my idea for him is to explore my list of 100 Essential Superhero Movies. It’s a list that I’m quite proud of, and I thought this would be a good excuse for me to revisit some of these movies as well and we will both reconsider whether or not these movies really do deserve to be included on this list.

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100 Essential Superhero Movies

After running this site for a few years where I have been trying to seek out, watch, and review every superhero and comic book movie that I can find, I decided that I wanted to make a definitive list of superhero movies that captured the essence of the range of superhero movies. Going through the decades and choosing the most influential, the biggest disasters, and simply the best superhero movies out there I hope to try and capture what I like to call the 100 Essential Superhero Movies. If you are a fan of superhero movies at all, these are the first ones that you should seek out. Not all of them are great, but when studying history it pays to not just look at the successes, but to also look at the failures. Also, as this list is being made in 2014, only includes movies made through 2013.

Superman Movies # 1 – 8

Marvel Cinematic Universe # 9 – 15

Comedies # 16 – 24

Batman Movies # 25 – 38

Early Marvel # 39 – 46

Animation #47 – 56

Original Heroes #57 – 65

Borrowed Marvel #66 – 72

Indie Comics #73 – 84

100 Essential Superhero Movies by Release Date

100 Essential Superhero Movies

  1. The Superman Animated Shorts 1941-1943
  2. Superman and the Mole Men 1951
  3. Batman: The Movie 1966
  4. The Wild World of Batwoman 1966
  5. Mr. Freedom 1969
  6. Super Infra-Man 1975
  7. Superman: The Movie 1978
  8. Superman II (The Richard Donner Cut) 1980
  9. Flash Gordon 1980
  10. Swamp Thing 1982
  11. Return of Captain Invincible 1983
  12. Superman III 1983
  13. Supergirl 1984
  14. The Toxic Avenger 1984
  15. Howard the Duck 1986
  16. Robocop 1987
  17. The Punisher 1989
  18. Batman 1989
  19. Return of the Swamp Thing 1989
  20. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990
  21. Darkman 1990
  22. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze 1991
  23. The Rocketeer 1991
  24. Batman Returns 1992
  25. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm 1993
  26. The Meteor Man 1993
  27. Fantastic Four 1994
  28. The Shadow 1994
  29. The Mask 1994
  30. The Crow 1994
  31. Tank Girl 1995
  32. Batman Forever 1995
  33. Men in Black 1997
  34. Batman & Robin 1997
  35. Orgazmo 1997
  36. Spawn 1997
  37. Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1998
  38. Blade 1998
  39. The Iron Giant 1999
  40. Mystery Men 1999
  41. X-Men 2000
  42. Unbreakable 2000
  43. Blade 2 2002
  44. Spider-man 2002
  45. X2: X-Men United 2003
  46. Hulk 2003
  47. Daredevil 2003
  48. Catwoman 2004
  49. Hellboy 2004
  50. The Incredibles 2004
  51. Spider-man 2 2004
  52. The Punisher 2004
  53. Constantine 2005
  54. Sky High 2005
  55. Batman Begins 2005
  56. Fantastic Four 2005
  57. Superman Returns 2006
  58. TMNT 2006
  59. Ultimate Avengers 2006
  60. Hellboy: Blood + Iron 2007
  61. Doctor Strange 2007
  62. Ghost Rider 2007
  63. Superman: Doomsday 2007
  64. The Incredible Hulk 2008
  65. The Dark Knight 2008
  66. Iron Man 2008
  67. Hellboy II: The Golden Army 2008
  68. Hancock 2008
  69. Batman: Gotham Knight 2008
  70. Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog 2008
  71. Green Lantern: First Flight 2009
  72. Watchmen 2009
  73. Wonder Woman 2009
  74. Defendor 2009
  75. Batman: Under the Red Hood 2010
  76. Megamind 2010
  77. Super 2010
  78. Iron Man 2 2010
  79. Kick-Ass 2010
  80. Planet Hulk 2010
  81. Gantz 2010
  82. Green Lantern 2011
  83. X-Men: First Class 2011
  84. Captain America: The First Avenger 2011
  85. Thor 2011
  86. All Superheroes Must Die 2011
  87. Chronicle 2012
  88. The Avengers 2012
  89. The Amazing Spider-Man 2012
  90. The Dark Knight Rises 2012
  91. Dredd 2012
  92. Justice League: Doom 2012
  93. The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & Part 2 2013
  94. Thor: The Dark World 2013
  95. Legends of the Knight 2013
  96. Iron Man 3 2013
  97. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox 2013
  98. The Wolverine 2013
  99. Lego Batman: DC Heroes Unite 2013
  100. Man of Steel 2013